Saturday, July 31, 2010

espa what

I am not a fan of those espadrille shoes but these are hardly them.
I can see really enjoying them, I really can.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Matt and I have a vacation coming and we're going to San Diego. We were gonna go to Santa Barbara but I couldn't think of much for us to do besides wine tasting and Matt doesn't drink. San Diego at least has a zoo and some friends we can visit. I got a hot tip off Oh Joy and we're staying at The Pearl for a bargain rate of $89/night.
See you in a week!

around the shopping interwebs

These mats are great. I see Miri with the air mail one for sure.
I really want this custom calligraphy stamp for myself.
I love these little bookshelves. Beautiful as well as functional.
And finally, this little rack, too cute.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the office, phase 2

Right around next year when I start to question my life and accomplishments over the past 29 years of existence I will feel an overwhelming urge to grow up. Most of my home feels like that of a grown up but I am particularly interested in updating the office a bit. Not much, just a little. Like maybe some curtains, big smancy decor thing over the couch, and a clear coffee table.
Or cubed coffee table things and piping on the couch.
I would also want to get a nice upholstered office chair. 
Kinda madly in love with the idea of getting a cheap upholstered Ikea chair and covering it with a Marimeko Bemz cover.
Anyway, those are the ideas floating in my office brain.

linky placemats

Placemats to me, are not about catching food from falling onto the table. They're about looks and designating where people sit. Obviously cloth ones are classy and all that but you gotta wash them and iron them so I really dig these that are plastic.
I think they'd be extra nice on my black table. Extra.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

big changes in the dining area

Anything look different to you?

How about now?
Das right, we bought the Bjursta. We went to Mama D's for dinner in Newport Beach and a girl, who also lived in Newport listed it on craigslist was selling it for $150, half off the retail price and already assembled. After dinner when we got there she told me it was as is when she bought it and had scratches and told me to name my price. $100 and a few flights of stairs later here we are.
At home I had to test the extended leaf situation. You could EASILY seat 12 people, which is just about the amount I'm expecting to seat for Christmas dinner. Geez we came far from 5 people.
No, I have decided not to paint the expedit white. The white table cloth works fine to break up all the black. And yes I still plan on purchasing the bench because I want extra seating and because I'm not gonna spend extra on the white expedit and bought the dining table for $200 less than I was expecting to buy it for. Also because dang it I want a bench!
I dunno if you knew but our old dining table situation consisted of two Melltorp tables, one of which is now for sale. $40 and you have to come get it.
The smaller of the two Mellys is now in the drum room, ready for childrens to come and color on it and will be designated kids table come Christmas.
Whew! This post brought to you by my husband's muscles. Carrying that table down two flights of stairs was no small task. I love you honey.

if i had 378 bucks to blow on a dress

I would buy this.
And I would wear the crap out of it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

stop the presses

I need this. I need it to come to my house and live with me.
If it lit up it would be icing on the cake. But its perfect as it is.

Monday, July 26, 2010

dining area across the months

The dining area in the kitchen has gone through a lot of changes. 

Some subtle, some more obvious.
And even more changes to come...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

when my beautiful target chairs break

I'm gonna get four black brentwood chairs.
Oooh la la.

what a girl does with a day off

1) goes to her chiropractor for a massage and alignment

2) uses up free staples money to buy magazine files

3) gets a pedicure

4) cleans out her garage

5) donates a piece of furniture to savers

6) has lunch with her honey

7) organizes her office closet

8) vacuums her living room

9) cleans her office

10) files papers away

11) rearranges the shelves in her office

12) moves magazines to master bedroom

13) takes hubby out to dinner

14) buys new dining table

also has sunday off... what to do what to do


A big wall separates the living room from our kitchen. I have to yell to Matt when I'm making dinner and still he responds with "WHAT?!" So to save our voices, I aim on making an open floor plan a priority in our next real estate adventure.
Plus how easy would it be to corral guests for parties? I could keep an eye on everyone from the stove.

lebowski's first LA party

A pair of lovely sisters invited me to their fabulous summer BBQ at their fabulous home. The older sister is my boss and the younger is sometimes my office PA. This is the younger of the two, Jenni.
The house is up in Mt Washington on a hill that looks right out onto Downtown LA.
Supremely jealous of this spectacular view behind these people.
Jenni told me to bring Lebowski. I was hesitant. Are you absolutely sure? She insisted.
He was a major hit with the ladies.
And the childrens.
We have a very socially adapted dog. He never barked, never tried to run away, he just spent the time sniffing, wandering, and drinking the melted ice water out of the bucket with the drinks.
And he made a doggy friend. A giant girl German Shepard named Sam who loved Lebowski and wanted to play with him. He gave us the terrified OMG carry me look when he first got there but came around quickly and never once jumped up on anyone, something he excels at when home.
I think he made more friends than we did. Everyone kept calling him puppy even though he's 2 years old. We went with it. On the way home, the dude kept harping about networking and getting an agent.

Oh geez.