Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

One of the most amazingly Los Angeles of Los Angeles-y activities is the viewing of a film at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery during the summer, which we went to in July.
It sounds moderately crazy, which makes it perfect for Los Angeles. You get to watch a movie at a cemetery surrounded by dead celebrities (and the occasional live one) surrounded by 100s of your closest strangers in a picnic setting. Matt was just happy to see the grave of Joey Ramone.
Nate Bell had warned me that I would either love it or despise it and I suspected I would be of the latter  but somehow it felt like a pretty magical night and so I became the LOVE IT gang.
I packed a very fancy picnic for our trio (our large, hairy child Fatz came along).
Matt was psyched about the blueberry lemonade.
It was definitely one of those nights that reminds me why I love Los Angeles.
And realizing that I'll be living for the rest of my life since this is where all of my family and career is. Other places got what they got, we got movies.
And yes, I am recapping something that happened in July. I still owe you:
1) My 30th Birthday in February
2) My mother in-law's retirement party in June
3) More of the NYC Trip
4) The San Francisco Trip
Whew, good thing I was diligent about Portland & Colorado 'cause I would be way backed up otherwise. I could post about the house and clothes and such but I'm just not feeling much these days since we have no Burbank House yet to aim towards. At least I'm posting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

matt was right: part VII

The acquisition of an iPad did not lessen the amount of technology. It only made it so that I had to have one more thing to carry around room to room. There have actually been moments when I have my laptop, iPad, and iPhone in my hands at the same time.

I love it though. Especially for travel.

summer checklist: outcome

Well the summer is over and I didn't quite finish my list (I'll add it to next year's):
I also wasn't planning on going to New York and San Francisco in addition to Portland and Colorado so by all intents and purposes, I give myself:
I be an A student about summer all the time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

picnic, golf, and disney

For our big 5th anniversary we went back to Neff and had ourselves a lil' picnic.
We got Mario's Peruvian since it was our food from our rehearsal dinner. 5 years and 15 pounds later. Ugh, I'm gonna get an eating disorder from this weekend. I know you guys are being nice but I am having a rough time being as big as I am. Luckily my honey don't care and still thinks I be cute.
After the picnic we were watching golf which made me want to play golf so, we did! Even a bad day at a golf course is a great day 'cause you got to go golfing. I don't have bad days at golf, I am always happy to get to think about nothing but hitting a little ball with clubs into a cup.
We went to Napa Rose again since last time was pre-Matt realizing he was allergic to things and he couldn't eat much so we tried again and the staff was very accommodating to his needs. This how many years we been married in case you forgot.
I ate another cheese plate. Last time I went I didn't know as much about cheese as I do now so I would nit pick things like the bread they gave me. Ignorance is bliss. This will be our last annual Disney resort dinner I think. We're gonna have to go full veg from now on.
We got home and had Ali take another pic of us since the girl at the restaurant sucked at photos. I wear those shoes every anniversary since they're so tight I can only stand them for a few hours at a time.
I'm looking forward to the next 5 years, a lot will change, hopefully it'll be less gold belt around the middle for me. Still though, we're cute. And still happy to hang out with each other every day.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

golf outfit of the day

Special anniversary edition. New neon collared Under Armor polo:

We watched golf and then we played golf.

Boy have we changed in 5 years, who would have thought we would golf together.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.


"See this? This is a circle of trust."

"Did you just quote Meet the Parents to me after you proposed to me? You chose that movie huh?"

Since you gave it to me that day, I've never taken off that little band.

That was five years ago today.

Happy Anniversary, pirate.

- iPad Post

Friday, September 21, 2012

i guess i don't love my cats enough

For I have never built them a giant tower of boxes:

Have a great weekend. It's gonna be a busy one for us over here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i is excite

I saw her about oh, three weeks ago but I get to see her again tomorrow.

Twice in one year! That ish cray.

Ain't it Jay?

- iPad Post

Location:Santa Gertrudes Ave,La Mirada,United States

i don't tweet but if i did

I don't watch reality tv of any kind, therefore: i am better than 90% of the population.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

evy not paying attention to new york landmarks

So in an attempt to distance myself from tourism, Francesca and I attempted a photo series we called "evy not paying attention to new york landmarks". Here's me checking email in front of the Apple Store by Central Park.
Taking photos of something other than Rockefeller Center behind me.
Tying my shoe in front of the Plaza Hotel.
Chatting with Andy in front of Laduree.
Searching for something in my purse in front of the Guggenheim.
Throwing trash away in Times Square.
Flicking lint off my pants by the Statue of Liberty.
 Then enjoying my cup of Dunkin.
Sending texts in front of Colombus Circle.
That's just how I feel about Wall St.
I did however dorkily pose in front of the most important of New York landmarks: Carrie's House.
We were going to attempt this series in San Francisco but I think I got lazy? Who knows.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've been loving sneakers again. I recently got some from Topshop and now I want to add more and I want them to be high tops. High tops are cool right now.
 Also be on the look out for ones with a "secret wedge" where they look like a sneaker but they have a wedge built in so they're even comfier than wedges but less comfy than regular sneakers.
Another one with a secret wedge.
I think I am gonna get the top ones. Once Matt says I can. Husbands and their "fiscal responsibility" PFT!

my favorite meal in san francisco

We ate pretty well in San Francisco (people, I think about food about 80% of the day so it should come as no surprise to you) and my favorite meal during the trip was partly for the food and partly for the ambiance but Squat and Gobble by the Marina was the clear winner.
My guru friend Chad recommended it and he's not been wrong so far. They serve brunch all day. ALL. DAY. It has a special ordering system where you order & pay at the front and then seat yourself and they bring you the food. This must be where the name comes from. Anywho... just look at this adorableness. In a corner out of sight was a group of four new moms with babies strapped to their fronts, if that isn't a sign that you are at the right place for brunch I dunno what is.
I ordered poached eggs on a muffin that was surprisingly light tasting. I think I only finished half of it. The rosemary potatoes were pretty unique, not sure I loved them but I sure did like them.
And then there was the french toast they serve with fresh whipped cream. I just wanted the cream.
Vane and I split a pot of English breakfast tea which took things to the next level. A pot of tea is much better than a cup of tea and a tea bag. Every time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sarabeth's Central Park

Earlier I told you about my favorite meal in New York but Sarabeth (The Central Park Location, they have a few) was our favorite Brunch in New York which was also about the ambience and classiness. Here's my boss enjoying a bloody mary.
It was my high school pal Andy's 30th Birthday this day so we got ourselves some mimosas. You know, to celebrate the occasion.
Sarabeth is famous for their preserves which came with the Veggie Frittata I ordered.
Of course it's not brunch without potatoes so I got some of those too.
I dunno why but the coffee mug was particularly adorable and now I understand why coffee is so important in New York. You need it to survive the night you just spent out late singing karaoke.
Now this place I would return to because well, a girl's gotta eat and brunch is my favorite meal but why experiment, I got a good thing here, I'll just stick to it.

my favorite meal in new york

I'm gonna bounce around on the recap for New York & San Francisco since I'm in that kinda mood. I'll just do highlights and not in depth recaps if you don't mind. I will do a very wordy post about my thoughts on the overall feeling of the city vs. home.

On the last day of New York we ended up in Tribeca to see the Ghostbusters headquarters and we had to pee. We knew the Greenwich Hotel was nearby so we headed there and realized the restaurant next door was recommended by GOOP and since we were headed to Soho after and the chances of a good meal are slim we dined at Locanda Verde. 
We started with the standard bread that restaurants give you: not! This was no ordinary bread. This was some magical focaccia with thinly sliced tomatoes that were baked with delicious olive oil and basil and angel dust and not the drug. Literal angels from heaven into this bread.
We shared an heirloom tomato and watermelon salad that was terrific and light.
And a beet and goat cheese ravioli with balsamic reduction. I dunno why all of these things worked but they did and the pasta was so fresh and delicious, we ran out of adjectives and words and just kept saying YUM. So good. YUM!
We had an eggplant parmesan sandwich (btw it's always awesome having a veggie co-traveler) and it was nothing short of fantastic. It had an egg on it. Eggs on things has become one of my favorite things in the world, if there is doubt: put an egg on it!
Cannot recommend this place enough. If it wasn't for the fact that New York has a billion restaurants to check out I'd probably come back. Oh yeah, new goal in life: do New York for at least a week every year either working or not working so that means I probably won't be able to return what with all the other places to stuff my face with but you all should.