Saturday, March 28, 2009

mr bucket

Actually he's more of a pail:

I thought to myself, this thing is PERFECT for the downstairs half bath, it can serve as a wastebasket. Then I started thinking about how good it would look if I paired it with the Watkins stuff and black and white stuff and then Potterybarn put my ideas into one picture:
A stand alone sink, storage underneath for cleaning supplies, a towel ring rack, patterned tiles, glass shelf, sconces, black and white bath accessories, and that fantastic mirror. Its like they went into my brain and pulled out just what I was thinking of, well done PB.

Friday, March 27, 2009

shopping trip

Favorite blog out there no doubt, is They're geniuses. I read it multiple times a day since they post multiple times a day and while out shopping I found some stuff they would have enjoyed. Its strange when things remind you of people you don't even know.

They'd done a post on this Himalayan salt lamp that's supposed to be eco friendly and purifies the air and makes you fly or something... Anyway, they bought one online for $20 and I wanted one. Not because its super beautiful, I mean, its nice and all but its mainly because its supposed to clean the air and the reviews swore it does. With two cats, I am curious. And TJ Maxx had one for $15 so I felt smug because they paid more plus shipping. I'm skeptical about it because my mother is very into finding out juju crazy cults and making sure we're not worshipping demons or snakes or whatnot so I put my hands on it and rebuked any demons. Then LJ sniffed it so I figured it was probably fine as long as we didn't get Himalayan salt lamp tattoos. To add to my smugness I found something they'd purchased for $119 at $60. Ha! And I found giant shell things they would have gone nuts over since their house is like a sea shop.

I also found this freaking chair that I want but at $99, I think Matthew would just veto it because of the price but I think it would be pefect for now and ever. In our room, a guest room, our bedroom. Just beautious. I even like the dang color!
This lamp was $25 and would be pretty dang perfect for my "office" cause it has that special intellectual property that I so long for in items: its shiny. This one $69 seems like its so nice and classy I should like it. Whereas in fact I'm drawn more to things with straight lines and patterns. What is my style anyway? This little bistro set is heavenly, so heavenly I don't remember the price. Can you imagine sitting out there, having tea, reading a magazine, sigh!From this shopping trip I purchased that himalayan lamp, a black and white decorative ball, a pail that I'll write about later, some chocolate, and some yellow microfiber towels. And I told Matt we shouldn't be buying things, note to self, avoid TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Ross.


Going along with that layout of the two story condo we saw: currently its got one of those lame 1970s open staircases where you can see through it...meh, old school. It would look best with closed off stairs and building a little storage area under the stairs. Here's some ideas, etc.

Exhibit A: built in open shelf with drawers and cubbies.
Advantages: Extra storage space, attractiveness
Disadvantages: Loss of maximum amount of storage space that could be used if it was made into a closet instead
Exhibit B: Giant Drawers (its not under a staircase here but you get the idea... the whole step thing...)
Advantages: Orderly looking, easy access to whatever you put in drawers, uniqueness
Disadvantages: Same as Exhibit A
Here's ideas of runners and railings that are pretty and I like. I particularly LOVE the one with the pattern but the one with just the stripes seems neutral, friendly, just plain lovely

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dream bathroom

When I think of things I want in a bathroom, this one by Mrs Brooklyn Limestone has it all. Color, tiles, fixtures, double medicine cabinets, glass door shower you step in easily, shiny, blue, the built in shelf in the shower... perfection. I also really dig the dark wood cabinet because I like things that are dark but when in a room of mainly light colored stuff, it really blends in nicely without darkening the joint up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

girl can dream...

We toured a condo that was for sale in La Mirada on Saturday. Is there anything more exciting for a girl that looking at a big blank canvas and dreaming of what could be done there? Four bedrooms, three baths, patios galore... Le Sigh... Anyway with the layout of that condo in mind I started decorating it in my mind and will continue to do so.

The first room/area is actually part of the livingroom. The arrow in my hastily sketched floorplan indicates what area I'm virtually decorating. They had a low hanging light fixture that was HIDEOUS and tacky and awful so I figured they must have put a table there and that's not a bad idea. A little round table in the livingroom where you could laptop away or pull out a boardgame and play. Since its off the kitchen, it could also serve as an additional dining area when you want to change the eating in the kitchen scene. Here's what I whipped up.
The table has to be round cause it would fascilitate movement to get in and out and around and I like this plain Ikea table cause its just a little bit modern and plain and you need that to play up the ghost chairs which just make it instantly elegant. Then I figured you needed something to put the games away when not in use and this little cabinet would fit them plus the top drawers could fit computer cords and such when you're laptoping. On top of the cabinet you could put almost anything but I think these frames (from West Elm, older so not in their online store no more) were nice and then put these grouped mirrors to give it a little bit of light and make it seem bigger and finally the piece de resistance, this LOVELY lighting fixture would just light up the place (many puns intended). Top it off with an antique silver pot and some roses, got yourself a nice little game area. Too nice maybe...

I can see why bloggers take time posting these things cause dang it takes time. Surfing, linking, posting, cutting, pasting, moving. Anyway, more to come whilst this girl dreams of moving on up.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I bought this print from etsy awhile ago and got it in my head that it would be perfect for an office but in the meantime would look great in our already blue-ish bedroom:
Well since in the display it suggests framing it with a gray mat and a gray frame I got it further in my head that I needed a gray mat and possibly a gray frame. Well I got lazy and did find a gray mat at Michaels but didn't find the frame, instead, I got a white one. So the print is white on gray on white and while I think it looks okay I'm sure if we move somewhere where the option of having an office area is actually viable, I will probably change my tune.