Monday, July 30, 2012

dream job

Party planner. Though not the way you'd think.
I don't want to throw any parties for anyone else. I just want to throw parties that I would want to throw, however I want, with whatever food I want, with my themes and not answer to brides or clients or anybody. I just want someone to give me a lot of money and say hi, can you throw a party and we'll pay you to do it and pay for all the materials and food.

I am aware this job probably doesn't exist.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

animal lover

She knows the only bird that matters:
Look at all the love.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

i'm sensing a theme on my amazon wishlist


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My boss had given me a nice present of a print of my girls and their hilarious sayings. It's framed and in the hallway now.

Matt made me sensor the print while his family is staying with us.

I think his excuse that one of his nieces can read is bleep.

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summer vacation at home

We expected to start a job right away upon return but instead were told our job would maybe start next week. We were very grateful just for the rest of the week off after being away from home for so long and wasted no time filling our days with activities, friends, and family. Now it's been another week and still some stolen days of summer. Ahhh just what we needed.
I babysat Lyla on Friday and made the mistake of putting the strawberries on the plate before she ate her real food. All she would eat was the fake bacon and the strawberries, lesson learned.
The next day I watched Angie and Liz came to pick Lyla up and stayed for awhile and we drew on the sidewalk, tested bicycle helmets, and went for a pool dip.
They didn't want to take the helmets off.
I caught this of Lyla making a hilarious face.
Finally got to see Ambre in a play. She's really good, as I expected.
Went for a  dusk bike ride on the Whittier Greenway trail.
I take advantage of sunshine and spend it outside, Matt doesn't feel similarly about heat. 
But since I did the grilling and cooking he had no choice and we ate al fresco.
Happier than a pig in crap is how happy I am when twinkle lights are involved. I copied my boss and strung up those cool little string lights before we left for vacay and I'll write about another use we had for them later.
We went golfing and to a driving range.
Here's a better shot of Leela. She's so cute.
Matt finally agreed to an advanced anniversary present for me/us. This is Nibbler.
Went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery (more about that later too).
Visited my old church in Downey that loves showing their support of Israel.
And watched an angel game with Amanda.
Where they finally won while we were there.
Golf. Bikes. Theatre. Pool. Grilling. Outdoor movies. Movie theatre movies. Baseball.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

back to school blues

Backpack is back.

That sad face is my realization that I can't go golfing this week.

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Location:N Gower St,Los Angeles,United States

Colorado Day 6 & 7

On Tuesday we went to the city of Denver and visited Uncle Rog at work. He works at a box factory. 
Actually it was a lot of fun and very interesting and we kept quoting an awesome Simpsons episode where the kids go on a field trip to a box factory. It's very special to our family.

If we were any sorts of tourists we would have done our research about the capital of Colorado and walked around town and visited the US Mint or seen a museum or taken a tour of Coors Field (remember, the Rockies were not in town during our entire stay, I won't be forgiving them for this), or whatever other things there are to do in Denver but we did the one thing my beloved wanted to do:
I literally have not seen my husband happier since, I dunno, our wedding day? Actually I'm not sure it compares, Casa Bonita kicked 09-22-07 in the crotch. The smile on his face could not be erased. Every twist and turn into this ridiculous/insane/astounding facility just lifted him higher and higher. I mean, have you seen him happier? And he hasn't even gone inside yet!
You have to pay for an overpriced meal because they offer so much. $12 each for the most disgusting Mexican food of your life is actually too small a price to pay for all that you get in return.
"This makes the rainforest cafe look like a piece of crap!" -Matt. It was as if I was imagining it, but I wasn't.
It was like a mini city inside. A labyrinth of seating and adventure around every corner.
There was a cave where black bart lived that actually scared the bejesus out of me.
Two arcades. One with carnival type games and one with retro arcade games.
The seating all had different styles. We dubbed this one the "Quinceañera Room".
We missed the puppet show but there was another stage for mariachi performances I think.
The capacity for all of Casa Bonita was about 1000 people.
There was a "abandoned mine" seating area.
A jail photo booth opportunity.
A room reminiscent of Carlsbad Caverns.
And off of here a young man would dive into hopefully warm water.
It was beyond belief. I think going here was Matt's birthday/Christmas/anniversary present all rolled into one. After this we had nothing left to give Denver so we just drove back to Longmont.
And had Mexican food again for dinner only this time it wasn't vomit inducing. We went to Comida. I judged it right away as a winner because it had a look and some style. The chairs were hot pink and the logo was cool looking.
They kept the silverware simple and had jars ready for water with utensils and napkins rolled up inside which I plan on stealing at some point. Also I want a for reals wood table instead of the cheap-y Ikea one I have. Add that to my someday pile.
It was small bite style so you order a bunch of little things and share which I'm a big fan of.
Horchata, piña, and watermelon jalapeño margaritas. The margaritas were spicy.
I forget how much I love jicama with lime and powdered chili.
The family ordered quesadillas and such.
I got some gordita/sope type things that were pretty delicious but ordered sweet potato puree I think. Sweet potato puree was a mistake, it was like baby food. Blech.
I also got some regular mashed potatoes and these were good.
I love square plates. If they weren't impossible to stack & store and if Matt wouldn't murder me if I bought yet another set of plates, I would consider it.
Deserts were awesome. This was some sort of ice cream cake.
And the item I'm desperately trying to duplicate. Mexican chocolate homemade ice cream. I don't even like chocolate ice cream but I love Mexican chocolate. Trying to make it non-dairy is also part of the problem so wish me luck.
And that was it for Colorado. We were sad to go and time just flew by. Penny wished us well.
The flight was uneventful which was great.
Dad picked us up at LAX, we got home to our furry ones and spent the rest of the day unpacking and settling back home. While we were happy to be back, we had a freaking great time in both states and maybe next year for the 4th: Chicago? Atlanta? Austin? Nashville?

Thanks for subjecting yourselves to a recap of my vacation. You're good people.