Thursday, June 22, 2017

h&m kids clothes: matchy matchy

My favorite clothing store for kids is actually H&M. They have a killer selection of simple and adorable graphic clothing for modern kids. For funsies I made a few boards of outfits that I'd match the kids in if I was the type to match children. Which by the way I totally am. I don't do identical outfits but I tend to put them in the same color family or similar themes, especially if I were to take them somewhere like say... 

Horton's Hayride or other Musical Events
 The LA Zoo

The Aquarium
 The Boardwalk
 A Church Picnic or Spring Wedding

Comic Con
 Knott's Berry Farm
I made these boards months ago and then you know... the kids. They took over. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

pretending to design a kitchen is fun: part 2

In my copious free time (sarcasm) with the two kids I've been continuing to pretend I have a kitchen to design. Once you start putting things together that you like you start noticing where you're lacking or what you're overdoing. After I put all the basic elements together you see the top two rows I realized man, all that black white and grey makes it look really you know... black white and grey. But it's an easy enough fix: add some color/warmth. So the accessories like the colorful bowls we have, wood shelves, wood cutting boards, flowers, copper accessories, these things will help warm it up and make it more us. 'Cause I love b/w/g but I am all about pattern and color too.
The other things on the board aren't specific or exact. 

Things we already have that we wanna work with:
- The black hardware pulls
- The Samsung fridge
- The Samsung microwave

Things I know I want for sure:
- Farmhouse sink from Ikea (it's cheap and has two sections unlike most farmhouse sinks).
- A dishwasher that disappears into the cabinetry.
- A chef style range that slides in and is flat on top (like no buttons by the backsplash area) and either looks like the one above or is the Samsung version. Honestly an oven is an oven to me. I've made amazing food with cheapy stoves so I just want something that's gas and works and is purty.
- Subway tile backsplash with white grout or grey grout. Not sure how much contrast I'll be into. I'm also into the beveled style subway tile. 
- Countertops either marble style (could be cheaper quartz or whatnot) or plain white. I keep thinking what will photograph well or look good when we host and set out buffets. 
- Grey lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. A few glass front cabinets too.
- Gingham backsplash. Like this but gingham pattern.
- Chrome faucet and pot-filler. 
- Pendants over the island that are not very showy and almost disappear.
- An island that can seat 4 with simple counter stools with backs.
- A black toaster.
- Wood open shelves with simple black brackets.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

pretending to design a kitchen is fun

I punched in the measurements for the kitchen and imagined what it would look like using the Ikea kitchen planner tool.
It's really fun designing a kitchen, you don't realize how many elements come into play and what looks good with what in terms of hardware/backsplash/paint/cabinets/etc.