Tuesday, July 12, 2016

she's two!

Well on Sunday our family officially became a family with a two year old. Can you believe it?
I kept the party with my version of "small" with just immediate family which still meant 13 adults and 7 kids. I had an adult table that for having been put together the night before was not bad.
It helps that I have a crazy stash of tea party stuff already. But what I think really helped was the beautiful flowers I got from the Burbank Farmer's Market. I ALMOST went to the flower market in Downtown LA and a stroke of genius came to me and for $26 I got lots of beautiful flowers. I used spare teapots as flower holders and put some in tea tins.
 I honestly think that fresh flowers are the best decor for any party. Always leave room in your party budget to add fresh flowers, seriously. My party tip of the day. And don't neglect common areas like bathrooms. Not just the tabletops. Save some blooms for other rooms.
Since it was a tea party I had a buffet spread of brunch type food and everyone loved it. I made mini BLT's and cucumber sandwiches and bought pastries, cookies, and crumpets.
Other than the flowers in teacups and the adorably set tables, the only other decor was this bunting I got from a UK vendor from Amazon called Talking Tables.
The kids table consisted of paper goods from there. Alice in Wonderland themed of course.
My mother in-law also made adorable tea party hair clips you can see in the upper left hand of the plate. How cute are they? And look at these Alice plates!
Six girls in the house was crazy. They had fun though. Matt is still recovering.
The older girls ran amuck but Alice and Jarah were chill.
Though not as chill as Eli who slept through most of it.
She got the hang of present opening this year but she did it her way which was very cautiously.
She got some cute Alice dolls and mom got her a tiny toilet full of hopes and dreams.
She had a really adorable reaction to the birthday cake which was that she actually knew what to do! None of us taught her that, she started blowing on the cake as soon as she saw the candles lit up. She must've seen it on TV. Kid is a sponge.
After she took a little nap, my siblings stuck around and we all took the kids to run around at the park nearby and caught Pokemon. It was so much fun being together. 
All in all, a pretty freaking terrific day for a pretty freaking terrific kid.
Abalone. I get all choked up when I have to write about you. I am amazed every day at what an adorable and fun and sweet kid you are. You do things your way at your own pace and I pray the Lord guide me and your father as we raise you. That we would always parent you as you need it, not as we do. We love you we love you we love you. Happiest birthdays my love.

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