Sunday, May 7, 2017


Lately, a lot of things have revolved around Alice. Alice activities. Alice tantrums. Alice Alice Alice. I feel bad that Wally doesn't get as much attention as he should and especially whenever I'm holding him or looking at him, Alice will want me to pay attention to her or want me to put him down. She does think he's cute and she likes going "Hi baby sister!" "Brother!" we keep correcting her. And he has started smiling at her. Poor kid, ignorance is bliss. 
We're still figuring out the balance of one on one time with either of them and quality time in general. I find myself calculating priorities in minutes or seconds. Hmm, they're both asleep, should I nap myself, blog, put things away, take a shower... what can I do that I need both hands for? I could use a third hand when nursing, seriously. The extra one could feed me while I feed the baby.

Time is going by quickly and my maternity leave ends on June 1 after which I'll be going back to work when weekends will be my only time to have such luxurious thoughts about improving quality time with my children. It makes me sad to think about all that I will miss while at work. But a momboss has gotta do what a momboss has gotta do.

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