Wednesday, February 20, 2013

let's talk about the whole "no fridge" thing

So... our fridge didn't fit through the door of our house. Surprise. Not a surprise: even if we remove the doors, it still won't fit in the cubby where it's designated to go in the kitchen, most fridges I want are about 2 inches too wide to fit. We've been fridge-less since Saturday and while it's not been horribly inconvenient since we're hardly home but now it's getting to the point where I NEED to cook something anything I'm dying. I've changed my mind about the black fridge and now since we have to remove doors off of the fridge to have it installed anyway, why not have Best Buy do it for me when they bring me a new fridge. And this time: stainless.
It has a rack for champagne/wine bottles. It think that's important in an EvY household. Stay tuned.

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