Thursday, August 15, 2013

clicked and bought

Well after much debating I went ahead and bought it. The Lemonshine Ombre Console is going to be headed to Burbank to live in my office.
The plan is laid out here. It would replace the standing TV cabinet and all of its contents would go inside of the new console, three floating shelves would go above it on the wall (they're already in the closet, just waiting, biding their time). Plus, I want all of the contents of the glass-front bookcase to fit inside that console as well and then get rid of the bookcase which while it pains me greatly to lose it since it's so nice and helpful, there would be no point in having it since the DVDs and books would go on those floating shelves above the cabinet. I want so badly to find another place in the house for it but guess what, my house is too dang small and we are maxed out on furniture in every room.
Maybe I can give it to Ben to hold. He has an empty house with nothing in it that he can hold onto until I can reclaim it for the next house.

I can't wait for this thing to arrive so I can spend some time playing with the new arrangement.


Miri said...

If Ben can't hold it for you, we can!

Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing the console on your blog! Love your plan! Thanks again!


evenimente corporate said...

I like the idea, I need one too, so, thanks for the information!