Thursday, March 28, 2013

i'm still not quite sure how we did it

We went from 4bedroom 3bath 2car garage to 3bed 2bath no garge. And yet everything fits somehow. Hmm. How did that happen? Seriously. How?

The fourth bedroom before didn't have much in it besides an armchair and a table with records on it and we donated everything but the records.
But the closet was full to the brim with a drum kit and a bunch of other stuff. 
The guest room pretty much just had a bed and a desk and we donated the desk and the nightstand but that closet was pretty empty so they sort of balance each other out.
The living room had giant bookcases and now we have new bookshelves in our bedroom. We found a home for the white dining table that was in there.
Everything from the office made it.

And the kitchen? I mean, dang, how did all of that crap fit in the smaller house? That kitchen was a monster!

We got rid of a lot of stuff but it still doesn't make sense to me that we fit in here with one less room and one less garage. Was it because we didn't use up all of the 2000' square feet of living space and just had more room to stretch out in? Maybe we didn't really have that much stuff it just lived in a larger space?

Of course, it may just be I kick ass at organization but that's not the reason. We don't feel cramped in the slightest, we love our smaller arrangement. How? Tell me how this worked.

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