Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the hallway situation

The one hallway in our home is pretty boring and small. Here's from the kitchen, door on the right is the guest bath, door directly in front is the guest room.
Here's the linen closet to the left of guest room.
One of a handful of things I've hung up, our wedding photo by our friend Andy and a cloud mobile.
The blank wall across from the wedding photo looking into the kitchen.
The linen closet to the right, my office straight ahead, the living room to the left.
The only source of lighting in here is this sconce thing.
I was thinking, hey this hallway needs something funky. Oooh... how about if I paint it teal, the same color as the back of the built ins in the dining room? Then I found this image:

Ooh how about a cool overhead light and some dope wood planks on the ceiling too? Or wallpaper? What do we think? Teal hallway and light rooms all around it?


Michelle said...

I need to see your house in person to make this decision.

EvY said...

Well hurry up and get here