Monday, March 11, 2013

while on the subjects of bookcases

One of the storage solutions for the office happened accidentally since we grabbed the wrong sized Billy bookcase for the DVDs and didn't realize it until it had been assembled (it was deeper than we wanted). We shoved it in the master then I brought it into the office as a temporary solution to the storage problem in the office and well, now it's gonna stay here for awhile I suppose, especially since the doors we also purchased for the DVDs in the office would not fit due to the amount of extra shelves to hold said DVDs well, now here it is.
I stored the often used items here in the bottom rows that are hidden when the doors are closed. We know I hate ugly things being exposed. 
On the door I hung this sleeve I've had for awhile from the Staples Martha Stewart line that I don't really know what I'm planning on storing in it but maybe something to do with gift ideas? I dunno.
Another Martha Stewart staple is these cool curvy labels I customize with my own fonts and colors.
And behind the glass part of the bookcase are the books that pertain to my interests.
And my girly DVDs. Technote: I still only have the PS2 for DVDs and want to steal the PS3 from the living room but we're waiting for the PS4 to come out around December so Matt can get it and I can get the old one. Then I can watch Sex and the City on BR on my tiny HD TV.
Remember those baskets from the old office. Still love them. Oh and the files to the left are also by Martha for Staples, geez that woman owns me. Just like Apple.
So now that bookcase has sort of left those floating shelves as almost unnecessary but I want them to find a home somewhere in the office that would be purely decorative. I also still want another sort of storage furniture piece for the room next to the TV stand, something wood.

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