Thursday, May 16, 2013

Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe

I was on Pinterest looking for stylish camping inspirations and came across this hotel that's jumped to the top of my hotels to visit list.
It's got a camp theme that I've just realized I've been pretty obsessed with for awhile (hello tealight campfire obsession?) Maybe I can switch the guest room into being camp themed. 
The great indoors room with a full camping setup inside of your room. I LOVE IT.
Or maybe the guest bath can be camp themed instead of Portland Hipster? Actually now that I think about it I think Portland Hipster is pretty similar to camp theme. I'm really into this bathroom and the pipe hardware and the lighting and the big floor tiles too.
Next time I visit Uncle Rey, I'm totally going here.


Unknown said...

very very cool

Michelle said...

we could totally paint that bear thing on the wall... by we I mean Amanda.