Monday, May 13, 2013

from ye old files of evy's home ideas

Remember how people used to save things onto their hard drives before pinterest? Crazy right? Well I'm going through my computer since the most dreaded words in the English language are being uttered in my computer: STARTUP DISK ALMOST FULL. Anyway, I was going through the bathroom file and noticed some good ideas for the guest bathroom. This first one is my favorite and it might be a great  compromise with Michelle over the dark wall color (she's my paint conscience). Dark enough so that it's a statement but has that great chair rail of subway tile. I'd give my right eye (from my Wii character) if we could do hot pink towels but we'll probably keep it safe with a navy or green or something.
Anyway, here's other fun bathrooms that inspire me in the guest bath. That room is so teeny the remodel of that can't be that expensive right? I mean: 7x4 people. It's teeny. I can stand in the middle and stretch my arms and touch both of the walls. Yeah it's like that.
Originally I wanted a pedestal sink but now I don't because I want to put a little stool underneath for the nieces so they can brush their teeth without much help from moi. Maybe even a lidded basket.


Michelle said...

tiny bathrooms need storage under the sink. where else are you going to put the tampons?

EvY said...

They're going above the toilet in some sort of cabinetry and I'm adding a medicine cabinet over the sink to. Nothing storage-y under the sink.

Diana said...

Great ideas for small bathrooms. I like the las picture a lot