Tuesday, May 14, 2013

spring cleaning the closet

It's the most wonderful time of the year gang. Or the worst time of the year if you're a member of the Tanner family and are anyone but Danny.
The current layout of our closet doesn't make much sense to me. The previous owners designed it so that it has one door into the closet and two closets facing each other with sliding glass doors.
It's just felt like an unnecessary amount of doors. And wouldn't it be a more effective use of space to just tear down the doors and walls and have a nice open clothing area and just close one door when you want to hide the clothes?
Well I decided I'd start by simply removing the doors on my side of the closet. Literally. I picked them up and moved them to the a wall by the door. Now I can see all my clothes at once.
I also removed the rails that held the doors and as you can see, there's some patching that will need to be done. Either that or just a straight up knocking down of walls.
We went to the Container Store and I bought a bunch of Sweater Boxes so I could store my off season clothing which made room for the in season clothing. It's a little trick I recommend to double your closet space. Why hang up all your sweaters that take up valuable hangers when it's 80 degrees out? Pack that crap up girl! Plus it's fun when fall and winter comes along to bust out stuff you haven't seen in awhile. It's like you went shopping in your own closet.
 Everybody has their own way of organizing their shoes and this is mine. I keep my most often used shoes down low: flats, sandals, sneakers.
And put up top the lesser used heels. On TOP of that I put the overflow hosting stuff I can't fit in the shed since the shed is a MESS right now full of lawn equipment and such.
I need more drawer action in the closet so I can move my clothes out of my dresser and into the closet to keep all clothes together.
And that's the end of phase 1: removal of closet doors.

I'd like to sketch something out for the closet and do more but... life happens.

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