Thursday, May 30, 2013

the new coffee table

I'd been wanting this particular coffee table for years for the office but once it became clear that our cats make mincemeat out of anything upholstered we decided to go the coffee table route. I had my heart set on a wood one but Matt vetoed that and said he'd rather something that wouldn't get ruined by lack of coasters. He is wise my husband. And that's how we ended up with this guy for the living room.
He likes it. He sent me a text that every wife enjoys "I like our new coffee table".
It's very low to the ground and has wheels and we've put some mags and books under it so guests can read about improving their swing while I mix up cocktails or finish getting dressed.
So that's phase 2 of the living room done: rug and coffee table.
The list is pretty massive until I feel this room is done: replace those curtains, install bamboo blinds, switch sofa for sectional, replace table behind sofa with a bookcase, replace the DVD bookcase with built in corner shelves,  replace stool with side table for Matt, replace tv console with midcentury style credenza, mount tv on wall, paint walls, hang an art wall along the wall behind the sofa, buy a new clock, hang a shelf above the tv for art, and install overhead lighting.

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