Wednesday, May 15, 2013

things take time

I am an impatient person and want instant gratification. Well it ain't happening here, especially since I've been so busy with work and life that I don't have time to do things at the house. A vacation time is coming though and when that hits the house is going to be a priority. And rushing into things causes problems and you end up with things you feel so-so about. Like these curtains and that DVD bookcase.
I know, the rug is too big. Two options. We're gonna flip it the other way making it go longwise and see if it fits and if it doesn't then we're moving it to the guest room and buying a smaller rug. But it is a beautiful rug and we love it so it's staying with us one way or another but I did rush the purchase and didn't think the size thing enough. Lesson learned. Take your time. Everything in the house is perfectly okay. You can upgrade little by little. You will get there. You will.

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Diana said...

It doesn't matter that the rug is too big. The room looks cozy:)