Thursday, June 27, 2013

visit a science-y museum, check

On Tuesday we checked off something on the summer checklist. We owed dad a Father's Day so we took him to the California Science Center so we could check out the Endeavour in person. 
I didn't know anything about this museum and the majority of it seems like it's a hands on place for little kids to check out experiments and stuff like that but it had a cool flight and space exhibit including a special section just about the Endeavour and the space shuttle program. They had this incredible moving footage of all the launches for all the shuttles playing in tiny little squares around the same times they would have taken off. Of course, there is a heartbreaking element to it since we lost the Challenger during takeoff and that's part of the footage.
There's a video of bringing the Endeavour to the California Science Center and when it was paraded all over Los Angeles for few days to set you up. And then there she was. Beautiful as all get out.
After the shuttle we went to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to basically look at dead animals stuffed and mounted for our education. There were FOUR polar bears in the exhibit and we wonder why polar bears are on the endangered species list (sure they were mounted decades ago before all the global warming and laws for their protection, I'm just saying is all).
Mainly the reason we went, and come on now, let's say it together: DINOSAURS.
Matt thoroughly enjoyed himself. I've learned that boys like two things: fire and dinosaurs.
Can you believe those are old old old bones?
Anyway, if you're ever in Exposition Park, be sure to check out both the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum.
They're both very close to each other and you only have to really pay admission to the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center is donation based and you only pay $2 for the Endeavour.

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