Monday, July 15, 2013

my themed party throwing is rubbing off on my family

Well well, I guess I'm starting to influence my family. My sister Mari decided to have a little summer event of her own and got a few of her gal pals and us sisters together and told us to dress up like 50s greaser chicks and head to where else but the drive-in. 
Sisters that greaser together, stay together.
We had some fun posing with the pack of Lucky Strikes I purchased. I take cinematic costuming seriously and the outfit needed props dang it.
I could easily have worn a pencil skirt but since it was gonna be chilly I decided to go as Sandy at the end of Grease since the elements of the outfit were easily located in my closet.
I was really excited watching the clips of "You are the One I Want" because her leather jacket has a red lining and so does mine. I'm a sucker for movie homage-ery.

I'm happy I'm rubbing off on my family in the thematic party throwing.

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