Monday, September 23, 2013

adios summer '13

It's been a pretty freaking great summer. I'm particularly pleased about the fact that it was 5 weeks of mostly outdoor activity and that most of the outdoor activities were spent with friends or family. The running alone thing is nice but nothing beats all the golfing with friends. Here's the final outcome:
On the last official day of summer I did the big purse switch. The neon pink purse on the right has been with me all summer, and while I usually switch out handbags frequently for some reason I never did with the neon pink purse. Can you believe I found a flamingo sunglass case? To the left is the designated fall bag and designated fall sunglass case.
The saddest part was switching to fall nail colors. I got a grey and while I was gonna get a dull green on my toes I could not resist the neon-y peach color. It's almost fallish and anyway, nobody is gonna see my feet anymore, it's mostly gonna be sneakers and flats around these parts.
The summer clothes are in a pile in the closet waiting to be put into storage boxes. I wasted no time with busting out the fall getups, I take seasonal switches very seriously and even though it's Southern California and the weather is mostly awesome (suck it, anywhere else) all the time, I take the colors thing seriously. No more neon. Time for some orange, purple, navy, grey, teal, and black.

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