Tuesday, September 17, 2013

behold: a shower curtain

Last night I got a text from Matt asking if I knew where the razor blades were. "Why?" "Working on a little project." He said and surprise, I come home and this...
Became this:
He removed the shower doors! The ugly, hideous, I keep banging my freaking foot on it shower door was gone and out of our life. WOO HOO. It instantly felt larger.
He was trying to get the tension rod up as I got home and we realized that in order to put up the shower curtain we already had, one would need shower rings. So off to Target I went.
I'm so happy with the new shower curtain. And even happier because Matt said "I like it but it's a little plain, maybe it needs something with a pattern." Be still my beating heart, he suggested a pattern. Oh Matt, if I didn't already love you like crazy...
This shower curtain situation makes the whole lack of anything going on in the master bathroom very palpable. We'll talk about ideas for this room soon, it's honestly my most trying room.

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