Friday, September 13, 2013

its the freaken weaken

Two more weekends until the official end of summer. I'll be putting away flamingos and hot pink things in general. It's a mourning period around these parts, not that these guys notice:
Every weekend I plan on spending time in the office or around the house doing stuff but life (cough golf cough) keeps getting in the way. Though I think that I get a free pass since it's SUMMERTIME and I want to spend all time possible outside. Also, please high five me, I ran three mornings this week.
Matthew and I will be celebrating 6 years of wedded awesome-sauce in two weekends on the first day of fall for 2013. If you recall, we were married on the last day of summer in 2007.

Our plan this year: probably golf again. The move to Los Angeles is changing our tradition so for the next five years we'll be hitting up fancy restaurants near our hood that are vegan friendly.

Have a good weekend gang. Celebrate the little things.

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