Wednesday, September 18, 2013

pretty bathrooms

I know that to women, bathrooms are everything. It's the magical place where you can bathe and make yourself pretty in the morning. Where you are alone with your I dunno, thoughts? Poops? I've never been so enamored with bathrooms. I am thinking of one woman when planning the eventual re-do of the master bathroom: the girl who will next own this house because yes folks, I already think about selling this house almost immediately upon purchasing it, as all good homeowners should, and I know that a nice master bath will aid in the resale of this house.

After living with this bathroom for the better part of a year, I've come to the realization that the layout makes for very narrow getting ready space.

And it might be better if it was laid out like this
And because I've been checking out the things I pin I've realized that I am really into clean, all white bathrooms when it comes to the master with touches of marble, subway tile, green, and navy.
I'm also pretty into little nooks built into the bath area.
I'd also love to incorporate something about the fact that it's a his and hers bathroom where both of us can be shown in some sort of quirky way.
Maybe different mirrors? One ornate girly one for me and a solid one for Matt?
And I also like the idea of brass hardware in there because the master bedroom will have brass lamps and brass ceiling lights and it would be fun to continue that in the closet too with brass lights.
So that's the general feeling. I'll try to put a little board together for it.

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