Friday, October 25, 2013

actual nyc weekend plans

So originally we were going to have a crazy week of prep here and be shooting this weekend but our job has pushed the shoot 'til next weekend (maybe?) so we've had a nicely paced week and will have the weekend off. I would rather we would have worked this weekend and gone home as originally planned but, oh well. I don't wanna do much, kinda tired but this is my third trip and I really just want to walk the High Line. It's this crazy cool park that was built on top of a railroad and supposed to be quite an experience. I'm dragging my high school pal Andy on the walk, he lives here now and he's never been.
On Sunday, after brunch I assume, we're gonna try to go on a Banksy NY hunt. 
And for the weekend and rest of the time here: stuff my face with ramen. We did Momofuku the first time and Ippudo this week but we hope to check out a bunch of other places while we're here. We are crazy for ramen.
Have a great weekend everybody, see you Monday.

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