Monday, November 11, 2013

the "hannger"

Remember how we have a little garage that was converted into a guest house? Since the Hanns have moved into it we've been referring to it as a "Hannger". It's a teeny thing. The square footage is 342 and while it seemed enormous as a guest house, having a married couple move in with their lives made it feel a lot smaller. Personally, I love the challenges of decorating a small space and lately I've been madly reading the makeover of a lovely blogger named Sara that bought a wee little cabin on Lake Michigan and has spent a lot of time fixing it up and boy howdy is it adorable. Having spent a few summer days in Chicago right near Lake Michigan I completely understood its appeal and have I ever mentioned my secret wish to someday have a little cabin by a lake? It's true. Something appealing about   being away from it all but with the conveniences of a little home that just has the bare necessities…

Here's the floor plan and what she's done with the place in images that pretty much speak for themselves.
The little kitchen is particularly inspiring. Especially those gorgeous open shelves with the perfectly styled everything. Not to mention the adorable 24" range that would be perfect for the Hannger.
Where's the fridge you ask? It's that shiny two drawer thing to the right of the oven. Even the fact that it has a tiny little fridge I love. You'd only buy the absolute essentials. Milk. Butter. Eggs. Ice Cream.
And then she has an outdoor deck/patio with a big ole dining table for a big group.
Can't beat that view though. DANG.
It really makes me wanna fix up the guest house but I suppose there's other priorities in our house (not to mention the back yard) that are taking precedence. 

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