Wednesday, November 19, 2014

alice's wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland!
Here's the room as I consider it to be "done" with the following caveats- 
1) I got lazy trying to find the "perfect rug" so I gave up and got the $20 at Ikea one. I do not regret the decision. 
2) I want to perfect the hanging lanterns over the cabinet to look like the ones in the Alice in Wonderland teacup ride at Disneyland but I'm gonna take my time with that.
3) The curtains are not my favorite but I'm not changing them for the third time. They are good enough, especially since I janky sauced a blackout liner which keeps the room fairly dark.
4) The battery on my camera died so I didn't finish photographing the closet. You get the gist.
5) Alice is so dang cute.
This was one of my better ideas. I keep things for me to read and things to read to her.
I made this be a little whiteboard action and I think I'll mix it up with Wonderland quotes.
Her little Alice shoes and her painting the roses red headband.
We have five versions of the book. I want more.
I love thinking of the different things she'll be hanging here as she grows up.
Thank you for visiting!

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