Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween fun

It was Alice's First Halloween and pretty much mine too. My mom had been convinced by the church I went to growing up that Halloween was the devil's day but as my old bible prof said, "THE DEVIL DOESN'T GET A DAY!" This all changed when I married my macabre man Matt. He L-O-V-E-S Halloween and in the name of love I've begun appreciating the holiday. We watch scary movies all month and put up Halloween decorations. But this year with our girl, it just became extra special.
I've never handed out candy. We would sit in our apartment and hope that nobody would knock on our door trick or treating because then we'd have to sadly tell them "We don't celebrate Halloween."When we lived in the condo in La Mirada where we get zero trick or treaters and last year I was in New York (though if we'd been home I would have missed passing out candy since we were going to be at a Tim Burton/Danny Elfman concert) so I didn't get to experience finally being in a house where trick or treaters might actually visit. Around 6pm the doorbell rang with a loud TRICK OR TREAT and I ran to the door so excited and handed out four packets of Sour Patch zombie candies to adorable cowboys. And an hour or so later a Beauty and Beast came a knocking before we headed out for a Halloween party at a friend's house. One of the party goers was decked out as full on Belle handing out candy to the over 200 kids that ended up coming by to trick or treat. Now we know that's definitely the neighborhood to trick or treat in.
Another couple and their almost 2 year old went trick or treating so we tagged along. It was my first one and Alice loved being held and walking around, baby eyes bugging out at all the sights. What a fun activity! Walking around, meeting neighbors, seeing kids in their costumes, getting tweens to jump out at us and scare us. I can't wait 'til next year!
The next day we went to our second Halloween party an "Arrested Development" themed one where Alice was Franklin Bluth. 
I was the business model and Matt was GOB.
The hosts at the party had a 1 year old and throughout the night we all talked about kids, houses, and how much we love living in Burbank. Grown up talk.
I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. It's been my most favorite yet.

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