Sunday, March 29, 2015

goin' outside again

Last year we had a goal to have the backyard spruced up by June when we'd be hosting people at our house for a baby shower. Funnily, that's the goal again this year as the house hosts another summer time outdoor shindig. Maybe two. This time the goal is to wrap up the stuff that we desperately need to make the outdoor living bearable in burbank weather. AKA: Landscaping and SHADE.

I want some sort of modern shade situation a-la sail shades. Like so:
Matt wants something a little more permanent with a hearty roof, like so:
So I'm pinteresting around for  something that falls in the middle of permanent and modern, like so:
We have some income tax refund money coming that we are earmarking for such use and I am taking time off after this job so we will have both time and money to undertake this project. We will also have to be dealing with this though:
Little miss crawls around who we'll have to wrangle amidst getting our hands dirty digging up weeds. 

Worth it!

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Michelle said...

I'm with matt. something with a roof is great for rain too. you don't have to move a party indoors, just under the cover.