Saturday, March 14, 2015

listen to my mother

After I had the baby I shed weight like crazy. I was dropping poundage left and right to the point where my pediatrician was concerned that the weight loss was causing a dip in milk production which led to Alice not gaining as much weight as she should be. He told me to not try to lose weight, which I wasn't, it was just happening, and to eat some more. That combined with extra hunger led to me just throwing all regard for a well balanced diet out the window and now I'm up about 10-15 lbs.
Through this experience my mother had told me "take care of yourself" "watch what you eat" and I did not listen. I ate good food and snacked a lot and drank a lot of water but I ate so so so so many bad things for me and not just once a day but MULTIPLE times a day and that added up. An extra treat here and there is perfectly acceptable but I just thought that my weight shedding would keep going but it did not. It slowed down. And for what? Alice was gaining the right amount of weight for her body type. How do I know? Because we have increased her food intake and she is still skinny. In addition to the milk I pump for her, she's at max capacity formula bottles that she doesn't finish and she's still skinny. She will be the weight she is because that's her body type. And our pedi has confirmed this at appointments. She's healthy, she's happy, she's not sick. She is who she is. I should have taken the advice to eat more and done it healthily and gradually and taken care of myself like my mom had said.
So since I rarely listen to my mother I am going to pass this along to you: listen to my mother. If you're breastfeeding, by all means, have that donut. But don't have the dozen. Have that coke. But not every day. Instead of apple pies: eat an apple.

I know this isn't a fun post after being M.I.A. for awhile but you know... it was on my mind. I'm managing a big job right now so things is busy but after it I'll be taking some time off and content is a-coming.

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