Tuesday, August 11, 2015

you want projects i got projects

We've recently re-evaulated our home living plan and Matt and I are so happy in our home that while originally I entertained the notion of this being our house that we were in for 10 years and then trying to move, now I have no desire to move on up to the slightly fancier neighborhood because I'd rather spend the money fixing up the house we're in. We're sitting on a bunch of potential projects which is fantastic because then I'll never be bored. I'm convinced the front and backyards will never be quite finished so just add them to the constantly evolving pile but aside from them I want to eventually re-model the guest bath, the master bath, master closet, kitchen, living room, and then when all that is done and the day comes when our lovely tenants want to move (we love you, stay as long as you want) and we can afford to not have renters I will have my own little mini house to remodel which is pretty much a longtime fantasy of mine. Many little rooms to fix up! 

I came across this image and it seems so perfect for that area with that minimal hipster look that I'm into right now (rustic, industrial, whatever, it's all hipster to me). 
This is still my favorite two images for the kitchen remodel because I think it's so small, it could use some color in there. Plus the layout is for a small kitchen and it would indeed be small. Just imagine having my own little mini kitchen guest house for when I'm working in there. I can boil my own cup of tea and have snacks and invite ladies over for tea time in my little house.
I love this slim fridge too and all the color but I'd probably keep the walls neutral. 
Of course after the guest house is done and I'm out of projects, I can always buy a vintage camper and fix it up. I'm good for projects people, I'll be entertained for awhile.

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