Friday, July 31, 2015

our house with a 1 year old

Now that the noug is 1 there's been a few moderations to the baby repertoire around the farm. Babies grow so fast that it's a weekly routine to pull toys, gear, clothes and shoes that are no longer needed or used and stash them somewhere. It's become kind of an overwhelming endeavor. I look at her closet and am like holy crap, she wore that once and now it doesn't fit. And with gear or toys, something that was essential to your everyday life like our mamaroo, after a few months is just a massive thing that's taking up valuable real estate. With that in mind, here's what our house looks like now that we have a bona fide toddler. 

Depending on what we're doing we'll close off the doors to the office and bathroom and then we gate off both passages into the kitchen and she can roam the living room, dining area and her room.
There's a pocket door from living room to hallway and sometimes Matt closes that so we can keep her in just the living room and sometimes I'll close it so she can stay close by while I am putting her clothes away. It varies from daily need.
Of course sometimes I'll just close the door to her room but this feels like she can roam a little bit more without feeling like she's stuck in one room.
We very much need to remove the doors to this cabinet but I need to make room in the shed for them. They're glass and she does like to bang on them and open them.
This is a prime example of the overwhelming ness of baby stuff. These items used to be essential and now they're just taking up room. Those blankets we used for everything and we couldn't have enough burp cloths but now... here they sit. 
The bathroom now has the infant bathtub and some bath toys nearby.
We still use the same baby washcloths and bath towels since the beginning.
We took out all the magazines that were here before until she learns not to rip them to pieces and instead there's baskets with more toys under there.
We keep the car seat inside during the summer so we are loading her into a cool seat.
This side of the living room still has all her toys and such.
And the dining area usually looks like this.
She has embraced sippy cups and snack catchers. She truly is a toddler.
The bottom shelf of the rolly cart has all her snacks and baby foods.
 The bottom drawer has all the kid/baby plates.
We got some extra cabinet locks.
Made some room for the bottles and more sippy cups in the shelf.
And we still have her bottle dryer and brushes. We only use two bottles. We just wash them.
She just takes a few bottles a day of formula now that we're supposed to switch her to milk but she's not into milk yet. It's slow going. We're down to about two. One in the morning with vitamins and one at night before bed for routine/comfort. 
Our room is also not free from baby toys. If we need to change and she's hanging here we keep some stuff for her to play with while we're getting ready. She's got a little cart.
This batmobile.
And a basket of toys and this wack a ball game.
And we keep a spare baby shampoo in our bathroom in case we bathe together here which I tried a few times and haven't been super successful at.
So that's what our house looks like with a 1 year old which I'm sure can change at any moment. I feel bad about owning all this stuff for such short periods that they're needed and probably one of the reasons I try to keep everything is in case of another baby. But if we don't or if we do and then are done with this stuff then where does it go? I could try to sell them but I'm more of the give them to someone who needs it person and would have LOVED hand me downs and still love them. Why are people weird about used stuff? Used stuff is the best!

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