Monday, February 22, 2016

i needed that

Whew. After a depressing Friday night the rest of the weekend turned out pretty spectacularly. For my birthday I came up with an idea that I'm not sure whose idea it was but I think it was mine? We met up Grand Central Market in Downtown LA (DTLA) which is a big indoor market that has gone the way of the hipster and added some cool restaurants in there and took our food to Grand Park nearby which is an urban park that goes from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to the steps of City Hall. 
The beauty of the market is that it there's something for everyone but the sucky thing is how dang crowded it is on the weekend. The gang loved having so many food options and wandering around but it was tough maneuvering a stroller and a group of people through a narrow space. 
To no one's surprise I ended up at DTLA Cheese which is a cheese shop and food stand and I dunno if you people know this but cheese shops are secret (as evidenced by the lack of line) food places and DTLA had a few options on the walls (most of which had cheese, my kinda place) and they included the chosen food of Burrata toast, farro salad, and cheesy potatoes. The burrata toast pictured here was OUT OF CONTROL good. I also got a cheese plate sampler and some burrata to share.
It was your typical boring incredibly beautifully perfect day in Los Angeles with highs of about 75. Sunny in the sun, cool in the shade. We ended up at some tables under shade which were empty except for three homeless dudes and had ourselves a nice picnic with city hall in the background and a playground nearby too. Obviously it was an amazing day for Alice with a big ole lawn to run around in and her grandma to take her to the playground.
We got to take a super dope picture of the family in front of city hall. We cool.
Of course it being a boring, perfectly beautiful day, we ended up at the top of the park where there's a splash fountain for the kids and a Starbucks for the grown-ups.
She hesitated at first but after awhile, I couldn't tear her away. I highly recommend Grand Park for all of you, I was hard pressed to think of an occasion it's not great for. Dates. Kids. Everything!
And as if it hadn't been a cool enough day, our friend's husband who works at City Hall sometimes gave us a tour and we ended up in the observation room at the top where I made myself at home behind the City of Los Angeles podium though not as comfortable as my nieces who held a press conference on important matters such as 'favorite color' 'favorite tv show' and 'fears' (bats).
We had city hall all to ourselves and got to walk around the observation area enjoying 360 degree views of LA. Look at my hometown, just lookit.
The next day I got to sit with my husband at church and then hang and then have a small group meeting and let me tell you I needed the Jesus time. I needed the family time. I needed the time. Rest. Fun. Leisure. No wonder God specified a day of rest. We need it to keep going and I definitely needed this weekend.

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