Tuesday, February 16, 2016

three years!

Happy Anniversary Burbank! Moving up here has been one of the best decisions of our life and definitely improved it for the better. 

When we decided to move up here the mail reason was that if we ever have kids I didn't want to be stuck in traffic trying to get home to them and lo and behold the shorter commute has made such a difference in the quality of my life. I'm still stuck in traffic but it's about half the time I would have spent commuting from La Mirada when that could have been spent playing with my girl.
We love all the wonderful amenities of this big small town like having our own airport, a Sprouts, a few movie studios, endless amounts of eateries and shopping, and of course having an Ikea walking distance. But whenever we go for a walk around our neighborhood we are reminded that we made the right decision to move here and this place feels so much like home.

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