Wednesday, March 30, 2016

a recent rash of repairs and refreshes

We have been at it at the farm. Every other day it seems has been another clean up/organization/update. Spring cleaning amplified. 

We’re not totally done, waiting for a few shipments to arrive and some pros to come in to do some installs but what we’ve done so far and what is still to come:

1. Installed a new light fixture over the dining room!! Bye bye ugly nickel thing. We have not settled on the right Edison style bulb yet. We are not into the warm light that those style bulbs (pictured are fluorescents that are only temporary) are emitting but we still want a that style of bulb so the hunt continues.
2. We removed the legs on the living room tv unit and mounted the tv on the wall. We wanted to eliminate the amount of things that kept rolling under the tv and this is a temporary solution before we replace the whole thing. Since I wanted the setup to be devoid of visible wires we had to run them through the walls and the cords were not long enough so we’re waiting on longer ones to arrive.
3. All the things in the tv unit ended up in a new sideboard by the entry way and inside that tv unit went Alice’s toys. (Because we needed more places for the princess to put her toys because toys in her room, the office, and our room is not enough). The new sideboard solves a lot of problems we had with the entry area which I’ll expand later but one thing was moving the bench from the entry and back to the dining table.
4. Went through just about every cabinet and closet in the house purging and maximizing storage. The one that felt like it made the biggest difference was installing hooks in the coat closet door because they open and close so much easier now. 
5. Ordered new hardware for the kitchen cabinets! I’ve thought off and on about painting the ones we currently have but even then the style won’t be right so we got some new ones and once they get here, screw gun comes out! 

6. Bought but have not installed/have not arrived: a ceiling fan for the office, sconces for the master bathroom, and new flush lights for the laundry room and hallway. 

7. New towel bar and toilet paper holder for the guest bath. Still looking for a basket over the toilet tank. 

8. Embraced our inner farmhouse with accessories which turned out wasn’t that difficult because I owned some things that already skewed that way. Busted out mason jars, used a big farmhouse pitcher, pulled out galvanized things from cabinets, used lavender from the front yard . Easy.
9. Bought a new duvet cover for the master bedroom. It’s striped. 

10. Hopefully we’ll add blinds to the windows in the living room and update the curtain situation. 

No wonder I’ve been going to bed pretty early lately! 

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