Tuesday, March 22, 2016

alice at almost two

At a certain point you stop counting the months and count the years. When I get asked her age I say 1 1/2 so this is what she's like at this charming age where she's a real for reals toddler. 
She wakes up around 8:30 and still naps once a day for 1.5-2 hours and that's very much needed for all involved. I hope she naps for a good year more at least but feels so far away and that she'll stop any day. She refused one once this week and we both got a little worried but kept trying to keep her on schedule and she went back to normal. When we're out and about the girl needs it and will fall asleep if given the opportunity like a stroller or car seat.
She's gotten a lot more curious and willing to try new things than before and is way more interactive with both adults and kids. She is prone to stick to the things she knows but curiosity is getting the better of her and warms up to people she knows a lot faster and it's so nice seeing her play with my dad and her cousins. 
She is crazy about animals, yes! Loves the goats at the petting zoo and is obsessed with our dogs. She had the best time playing with a dog at my office when she came to visit and the dog looked so sad his playmate was leaving because while our dogs tolerate her they don't play with her too much. She's not scared of any creature yet, she even wanted to feed my sister's tortoises.
She is really picky with food. We think it's a lot about her touching certain things like Matt realized she doesn't like to touch the cheesy part of a pizza and suggested rolling it like a taco and presenting it to her and sure enough she went for it. I worry about what she's eating because she doesn't eat any vegetable but broccoli now and again but does love most fruit. Way too much processed food for my likes but hopefully we'll find a magic combo somewhere.
She likes to wear shoes and doesn't mind getting dressed but really hates having her diaper changed. And don't give me the "oh make it fun" advice because we've tried that and it's just annoying. Changing her surroundings has helped with that because putting her on the changing table is not her favorite but being on the floor she doesn't mind as much.  Seeing her in certain clothes makes her seem so much older. Matt put her in this St. Patrick's day outfit and somehow it made her look so much like a mini person that I was shocked. Maybe it's the longer calves?
She has some days where she is a pain in the butt and fights every step of the way. I'm realizing it's the days where we disrupt her routine like church Sundays. And then there's days where we're picking lavender in the front yard and I teach her to lay down and she pats the ground and wants me to lay down next to her and the sun is setting in the background and I realize how fast time flies and what a great little kid we got and easy. SO easy! I'm saying it, we got an easy one.
I hear that the twos are terrible. I can see little bits of them that are true that they are willful and temperamental and inconsolable and whiny and impatient but this age is so magical to me. There is so much learning happening with this girl and watching her mimic us and giggle and be silly and have an opinion and just be herself is such a joy. We love her so so very much.

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Some serious cuteness going on.