Wednesday, June 1, 2016

building up the hostess house: intro

My friend Milena and I are in talks of starting a party business. I won't say too much about it just yet as we're still fleshing it out but we do know our goal is to equip the modern hostess with the right tools to make party throwing both fun and easy.

On Tuesday we were gonna have a few friends over for our frequent movie nights and since I was making food, Matt asked if we should just invite them over for dinner. I have been plotting dining outdoors since it's unofficially summertime with just us and not minding the extra company I said sure invite them over and then proceeded to setup the backyard for guests. Luckily, we've been pruning and cleaning up after the pooches much better now so the backyard wasn't in a state of horrible embarrassment to begin with and it just needed a few things to take it up a notch.
I had read an innocuous article in Domino about how rich people run their households and the types of tricks they've learned in regards to entertaining of which the reporter said "find your hostess style" for example she likes to throw tea parties so she invested in a good tea set and has it on a tray ready to go should the need arise.
Which got me to thinking about hosting in general and my hostess style thereof. We host a lot. We are a host-y family. We have people over at least once a week, maybe more. Because of that, I already have all the tools on hand myself to make any kind of party happen within a few minutes like a spontaneous dinner party in my backyard.
Due to Alice and our natural inclination to be homebodies coupled with being big time movie watchers and my loving to eat good food, our host style tends to be that of cocktail/dinner parties and movie nights because they involve us staying home and making everyone feel comfortable. Our living room and backyard is geared towards entertaining and very purposefully so. Big fluffy sectional and expandable dining tables make everyone feel right at home.
So for the next few days/weeks, we're gonna talk about finding your hostess style and what you're gonna need to invest in to be prepared for party throwing. With just a few of the right tools and some tricks, you'll be throwing easy-peasy parties in no time.

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