Monday, September 19, 2016

the guest bath right now

It's a black and white mish-mash in this tiny room but we dig it.
We got a new curtain for it, went with stripes predictably. 
I bought this basket from Magnolia, Chip & Joanna's store. 
I can honestly tell you I looked at a trillion baskets for over the toilet and this one was it.
I used some gift wrap to wallpaper the back of this here cubby.
Alice's cup with her toothpaste and toothbrush. "Baff" "Teef", she has trouble with 'th'. 
Her bath stuff. Sometimes I like bath time and sometimes it's such a splashy chore.
Sometimes I forget her initials are AF.
See? Too much mish-mash. Different rug maybe now that the shower curtain is in.
The ole hipster Portland bathroom. I hope to paint it before the sequel arrives.

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