Wednesday, November 30, 2016

hey look, it's christmastime

Well it's been almost a month since it became clear I wasn't getting what I wanted for Christmas: not a crazy person as president, maybe even an experienced lady president dare I dream. Le sigh.

Anyhow... we put up Christmas decorations and Matt approved it by saying the most I can expect out of ole Scrooge "Hmmm... for so many boxes of decorations, I'm surprised by how it doesn't seem like we're over doing it." That's a compliment! We put the tree up in the corner of the living room and as expected Alice takes down ornaments within her reaching area every. day. We just kinda leave them down and then whenever company is coming I put them up again. 
She likes seeing "da dights!" and pointing out to me which ones are not working. Yeah Alice, rub it in that we're poor and can't buy a replacement tree. Look at all those broken lights at the top. Ugh.
I tried to get an ornament that represented the fact that Alice was getting a little brother but Target was slim pickings. I went for that little plush penguin, he's got a baby blue yarn to hold him up, that works right? I'll keep looking though, not super sold yet. Then next year when he's born we'll get a 2017 frame a put a pic of him in it. As per how every time we add a member to the family we do that, like when we got the dogs and then Alice.
Hoping to work as much as I can until the year is over but I'll check in with Christmas decorations and Alice cuteness. She's chatting up a storm and is beyond adorable lately.

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