Monday, December 26, 2016

the playroom at christmas

We've configured this room a billion and a half times since Alice needed more play space and this is the current state it's in.
It is a really great space for her to play in and for us to hang in. Having a couch and a tv in it makes it a very flexible room. Matt can watch football in the living room, I can work at my desk, and Alice can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while playing with blocks or her kitchen.
Starting January 2 we're gonna get into serious baby preparation mode. I start a job January 9th so I have about a week at home before I work for a month straight so I wanna take advantage of that time. We've been slowly gathering all the baby stuff back from my family and piling it into Alice's closet and our room and I need to make more sense of it all and organize the clothes and such. It's a matter of sorting what clothes from Alice can we use for a boy and what we wanna keep for my family in case they have girls and what we don't. Gonna be tight around here adding baby gear to the mix on top of toddler toys but I'm definitely gonna take it month by month as needed.

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