Monday, January 2, 2017

goals for 2017

Personal Goals:
1) Read even more books and spend less time on my phone. I got way better about book reading but just imagine how many more books I'd read if I spent less time lazily scrolling through newsfeeds.

2) After the baby's born, lose that baby weight. That'll mean eating healthy food and not the sugar and junk and taking the family on lots more walks because that'll be good for recovery and bonding.

3) Focus on God and others. Church, Bible study, Jesus podcasts, generosity, maybe some volunteer work.
House Goals:
1) Right sized rugs. I'd love to get a softer rug for the living room and a rug that actually fits the office. The one in the office is way too big and the one in the living room is way too flat.

2) Paint! Paint! Paint! If financials improve, I'd love to hire people out to just paint the living, kitchen, and our bedroom. I could probably do the guest bath myself but that room needs a full gut job.

3) Backyard turf. Again, if financials improve, I really want to fence and artificially turf the backyard play area. And I need to get on planting things.

Parenting Goals:
1) QUALITY time. She loves watching her TV and movies but I wanna turn them off and just play together. And since we'll be having a new baby to cuddle just enjoy holding him.

2) Enroll her in something social. A class where she can can socialize with some kids.

3) Survive. We'll have a newborn where we're gonna just be in survival mode with the lack of sleep and adding a girl who needs attention so we're gonna aim LOW and just do the minimum and just keep the kids alive, happy, and healthy.
Happy 2017! May you aim low and go high.

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