Wednesday, February 22, 2017

the third trimester: finally!

Miserable pregnancy has been upgraded and about freaking time since the calendar says we have 16 days to go. My appetite never fully recovered and food aversions are a lot less extreme but I'm no longer barfing (except for this one day where all I had for breakfast was coffee and a donut, bad move) but I do have to watch my protein intake because if I don't I get pretty nauseated. I managed to fight off one of the colds Alice caught too! Sleeping is way easier this pregnancy as I mentioned before, I think I just go to bed really tired and am able to shut my brain off more this time around. Know what helps a lot too? Reading a physical book before bed and removing facebook and twitter from your phone, can't recommend that enough. I sleep pretty elevated and I have a pregnancy pillow too and I alternate from one side to the other and that usually lets me get enough sleep and on a good night I only get up once a night to pee. I am very winded if I have to walk a lot. We went to Universal Studios one last time last week and I was beat after it so we're trying to take it easy so that I don't go into labor. Even at home, I spend a few hours on my feet doing stuff around the house and I gotta make myself just sit down.
I have about five shirts that still fit okay and give me enough coverage but it's comical when I put on PJs because the bottom of my belly is exposed. Matt thinks it's cute. The weather is chilly this time around unlike my pregnancy with Alice so I am wearing a lot of jeans and shirts and I wish I had the cojones to wear a dress and shoes thing. I am going to attempt very hard to wear a dress for Saturday since it's our last big 'events' weekend and people will be seeing me in public so I wanna look cute with a big belly one last time. Speaking of, my sister Mari is gonna take some maternity pics for us which I never really did for Alice. I think since it's the last pregnancy I should try to commemorate it in a nice way since I'll never be in this state again. I weight about 4 pounds more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with Alice and thankfully most of it has been belly and thigh weight like last time. I feel like I like how I look while pregnant. Belly is cute, nice thick shiny hair, boobs look good, skin is glow-y, nails are long. At least this pregnancy was okay on my self-esteem though it did shatter my will to continue for a few weeks in the beginning. 
How are we feeling as far as "ready"? Well with a large majority of to-do list type things checked off I'm nearing the 'bored' stage which is how I knew I was ready for Alice. I had done every productive and non-productive thing I could think of and I was just ready to do something else which is how I am feeling now. Now all I wanna do is take advantage of only having one child to deal with and go out for a few more dates and enjoy being the family of three we have been for the past 2.5 years. Okay, I better go to sleep now, Matt and I have a morning day date somewhere pretty cool!

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