Tuesday, February 21, 2017

wonderland meets tomorrowland: part II

Okay... so Alice is really into my digital camera and decided she wanted it the very moment I wanted to use it to take photos of the finished room so one there's one more part to this room thing. After much hemming and hawing this became the eventual layout of the room.
As I commented to my mother in-law Jill, I wasn't sure why the room felt bigger with the extra bed and she thinks removing the curtain gives us a lot more floor space which was definitely true. 
I never hemmed the curtain either so it would pool at the bottom but in order to accommodate the crib and glider moving over here we've settled on this arrangement which is blinds and a blackout roller blind on top of it since just the blinds lets in too much light for afternoon naps.
While at my sisters I asked "where'd you get those roller blinds?" "Ikea! Super cheap." Yup. When it's all rolled up at the top it looks like one seamless unit. I feel like it was pretty easy to install but I didn't do so ask Matt what he thought. Highly recommend them.
I always wanted to make a shared room where the beds were side by side. Eventually, we'd probably do bunk beds for as long as we can milk boys and girls sharing a room. 
I still want some sort of comforter and have her namesake great-grandmother's blanket folded at the foot of the bed but I got those two pink toss pillows at Ikea and they made it look a little more finished. There's some trickery to kid bed making I've not mastered yet.
The little bed is so freaking cute and I love that it'll grow with her. When Jill saw the bed in person she made a comment about the width being nice in case Jarah ever spent the night and that made me so happy imagining the cousins having a sleepover sometime.
Alice and I have a killer arrangement with these toys. I make the bed and she unmakes the bed and chucks these toys out the bed. It's a fun game we play. Not.
We actually have more Alice in Wonderland arts and prints that we know what to do with so in an effort to restrain myself I just kept it with one over the bed and these two large ones. The little circle one with the Ace A is just there to hide some holes that the glider caused. Shh. Secret.
I ordered the print on the left from Etsy forever and my sis Mari made the one on the right. She's working on a custom piece for the boy too, I just feel really weird about putting an official name on him until he's born and we're like, yeah, that's your name.
The baskets, I don't mind. I moved them back from the office and the nightstand doesn't quite fit here but we have to have it for the humidifier. Ooh know what might be good? A folding tray table then I can put it away when we're not plagued with constant winter colds.
And here was one of my more brilliant ideas. Under some art work related to their 'theme' I'm gonna put an initial hook and then hang an article of clothing decoratively for them. Freaking Anthro stopped making the matching hook I got for Alice so now I have to either buy two different hooks whose style we're not super wild about or try to find just the other letter on ebay which after a mini search I got nada. Couldn't I have forseen the future and picked the right letter? Idiot.
The print for him I'm not wild about but I was pretty excited I thought to use a part of moon wrapping paper I already owned and then write 'little brother' in chalk paint.
This sight just makes my mama heart so happy.
I didn't even think it through that much. I just put things together and poof, magic. 
Her side with her collection of Alice books.
His side with the space bits.
Most of these look familiar to you guys already, I just put them together.
This used to be in our master and we now have a King Kong poster instead.
The space mountain one we had unframed and then I put the Apollo photographs in black frames.
Here she is clamoring for the "cheese" camera.
Crib skirts, bumpers, pft. All you're getting is a gender neutral sheet set kid.
But to prove I'm not heartless, here's some stuffed animals that can't sleep in your bed until you won't try to kill yourself by rolling onto them.
The bookcase. We had glass doors for it but I told Matt, let's get real, they're not gonna be mature enough for glass doors maybe ever so bye bye doors.
Alice has really picked up on the numbers and will tell me which basket she wants to play with. Number 1 has baby toys, 2 has wooden blocks, and 3 has her bedtime reading books.
Former bookseller Matthew Fredrich spent quite awhile thinning out our book collection to make room for the alarm clock/white noise machine. He's good, what can I say.
And I just love this little sight.
I like to put bunnies in her room in sneaky places. Here's one.
We split her little shelf making it half Alice and half boy.
Her many accessories for that girl life.
 And his side with boy junk.
His only accessory are these cute bowties that clip onto buttons.
That little cup was Matt's keepsake baby cup when he was a tyke.
And the way back has some cool Apollo and Space photo books.
Here's the second bunny holding up the DVDs in the back.
And the top shelf is now shared as well.
Buzz and Wall-E and a big F.
And her side with her Alice ears.
White Rabbit from Disneyland Paris, Flamingo, and Cheshire cat. Themed Alice stuff is so easy.
Ta-Da. Now it feels ready for two.
Part III coming soon. And now momma is gonna take a nap.

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