Friday, March 17, 2017

that pancake life

There's pretty much only one thing I make that all of my family eats together and that's pancakes. Alice and Matt don't eat eggs, Alice doesn't eat... anything but veggie bacon, and Matt can't have regular donuts so making vegan pancakes is the only thing we can all share. Over the year or so that Alice has been eating actual food I've perfected the tools and technique for pancake making. First off they have special plates I serve them on. I bought them forever ago from West Elm who was doing a collaboration with my maybe favorite New York City institution: Fishs Eddy. They make my beloved Sawlt and Peppa shakers, a collection called "Brooklynese". I want their cake trays, I want their pretty much everything. For accoutrements we have whipped cream, maple syrup, agave syrup, vegan butter, and regular butter. Like I've said, feeding a vegan and a toddler: tricky.
Now we come to the essential tools of pancake making like a large two burner griddle pan. It saves me sooo much time. I used to have to make one pancake at a time, eternity!
I suppose you could use it to make other things but... we just use it for pancakes. 
I recently switched to this mixing bowl because it has a spout. Makes the pancake pouring very precise and way less messy. I'm on the hunt for a non-plastic one too.
And to the right of the burner, a big ole pancake spatula. Seriously makes for an easy flip.
As far as recipes and food products themselves I use Isa Chandra's Perfect Pancakes recipe from her Vegan Brunch cookbook. We use Earth Balance vegan butter (the soy-free kind), Coconut Cooking Spray, and Matt likes Blue Agave Syrup over maple syrup.

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