Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the master bedroom "nursery" setup

Since the kids are not sharing a room yet, we wanted a space for Wally that would serve as his "nursery" while Alice enjoyed her room all to herself since she naps and sleeps so well. And since this is the crucial nursing all the time to fatten him up stage he couldn't be too far from momma so he's in our room. The setup is organized but by no means "pretty" or "styled". It's completely utilitarian. Oh that bed. Once in awhile when Matt and I are both sitting on the bed, reading or on our phones, Alice is either on an iPad or "reading" a book and I'm nursing Wally I tell him "Know what I love other than you and our kids? Our big giant bed." 
At the foot of our bed I had Matt setup the third of our bouncy swing things. The mamaroo is in the living room, we have a swing in the office, and this one. We only owned the mamaroo, the other two are loaners from my sister. He'll sleep here sometimes and sometimes in his bassinet.
This is the best upgrade me got from my sister. Bassinet on one side and changing table on the other.
The bassinet thing is so soft and cozy and there's a little mobile there too that folds up.
The middle has the bucket where we stage his wet clothes or dirty diaper and we keep the petroleum jelly and the bum spatula and pee-pee teepees.
The side has a hanging thing for diapers and such and such.
The top of the dresser.
Hand sanitizer and baby products, the sound machine/night light, and the camera that we'll mount over the bassinet area eventually.
The top drawer of Matt's dresser has changes for when he wets through his PJs (which he did three times one night so we have to add more here) and extra diapers and burp rags and wipes.
Here's all the baby crap from this angle. In my nightstand is my second electric pump when I go back to work. I've pumped a little but only when I wake up full before he does and I've been using the manual pump for that.
Having a master suite with the bathroom nearby has been so great during pregnancy with the constant rushing to barf and pee moments but now it's great too for hand washing before and after middle of the night diaper changes. Behind the toilet I have this sexy situation. Keepin' it real.
I've since distributed the digestive solution medications since I'm doing pretty well almost two weeks post-partum and I kept those hospital provided items on display just to remind myself that I am still in recovery. But now that I feel so good I'm like whatevs and put them away.
I love that Alice loves our bed too. She'll request "Mama bed, bed" and we'll go and hang there, she wrestles her dad, and she reads or plays on a device quietly while I'm nursing Wally.
And that's our nursery setup for baby #2!

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