Thursday, March 23, 2017

two is twice the demand on mommy

I'm gonna give you a little day in the life style breakdown of what it's like with two kids and two parents being home so this is a day where no one is outnumbered and yet I still feel like I am sometimes.

Wally is eating just about every two hours round the clock. Sometimes I get three hour stretches at night but mostly I'm on nursing duty every two hours. That's an exhausting existence for any nursing mother. Being on duty pinned to a baby with your boob out for 1/2 an hour at a time every two hours is not the funnest way to pass time. I'm glad I am able to nurse and I'm glad my baby is eating and growing and I know time passes by and I'll miss this magical time but still... tiring.

On this particular Sunday I had been up twice that night with him after the 2am feeding we were still mostly up for. And then began the rest of the day.

7am: I heard him fussing but since I'd fed him at 5am I felt it was way too soon and let him fuss a little more.
8am: Well we must've both fallen asleep because I didn't hear him again until the sound of Alice calling for Mama woke me up again. I left him still sleeping in the room with Matt and went to get Alice. I gave her a few donuts and some bacon, made myself some coffee and eggs, and we sat watching TV for awhile.
8:45am: Matt walks in with Wally. He hadn't realized that I'd left the room when he heard Wally fussing and changed him. By then Wally was hungry so I nursed him and Matt wanted to go to church and offered to take Alice. Yes, please.
9:20am: They take off to make the 9:30 service. With one kid gone and another asleep in my arms I considered napping and then found that The Truman Show was on amazon so I had to watch that. Wally slept the whole time (of course, he was being held).
10:43am: Matt calls to tell me church is over and they're on their way back. They get back and Alice and Matt both want to tell me about their day. I pause the movie and Matt tells me about church and how Alice sang along to a Ramones song in the car.
11:32am: Wally still snoozing, Alice wants to see 'Little Einsteins' so we give her the tablet to watch them while I finish the movie on the TV.
12:08pm: Wally has now nursed on one side and fallen asleep for a second before I nurse him on the other side. Matt makes me a sandwich that I eat at the couch while holding Wally.
12:27pm: Alice and Matt go into our room to play and Alice shows me her Ramones dance moves. Wally continues to be fussy and I hand him over to Matt to take over for awhile while I play with Alice in the office and we have a little tea party. Wally falls asleep on Matt and they both nap.
1:30-2:20pm: Alice and I watch a few more Einstein episodes.
2:30pm: I put Alice down for a nap then head to our room.
3pm: I lay down hoping that I'll be able to nap.
4pm: I nap for approximately an hour before Matt wakes up and lets me know that his cousins are coming and Wally wakes up and wants to nurse again. I nurse him laying down and as he's finishing the second side his cousins arrive and I know my nap is over. He takes Wally so the family can hold him and I lay there for about 20 minutes before I get up and put on a shirt that covers my nursing tank top. We hang with the cousins who brought Portos, God bless cousins who bring treats.
4:30pm: While finishing up one half of my sandwich Alice wakes up from her nap crying. I put down my sandwich and get Alice. I bring her to the couch and hold her for awhile there and then try to get her to let me go back to the table but she wants me to stay with her combination of shyness and woke up from a nap crabbiness.
5:30pm: I eat the second half of my sandwich at the couch while Alice hangs by my legs.
5:30-7:30pm: Hang with cousins chatting while Alice watches Einsteins (dang she does watch a lot of TV) and they rough house and play with Alice. Wally sleeps but starts fussing near the end of the visit. I put a paci in his mouth to hold him off so they can take off.
7:30pm: Nurse Wally in playroom, Alice plays and watches Mickey and the Roadster Racers. We put Wally in the swing and Alice pushes him on the swing and puts Buddy in the swing so Wally has company. MELT.
8:30pm: Matt gives Alice a bath. I sit here and start typing this day. Wally is in his swing half falling asleep, half fussing. I pick him up and hold him on the couch in the office and start dozing off
8:45pm: Alice comes in after her bath for her nightly running around naked portion of the evening. Then retreats to her room with her dad for bedtime.
9pm: Matt comes in and takes Wally, sends me to bed to sleep.
Thus ends the day and another begins.
1am: Matt comes in with Wally for a nurse. He tried to keep him quiet and gave him a bottle but he can only do so much.

So that's me having it easy. That's a day when Matt's home to help with bathing Alice and putting her to bed while I tend to Wally. That's a day when Matt napped with Wally while I hung with Alice. That's a day when we had dinner brought to us and we didn't have to make it. I dunno how I'd do it if I was by myself with both of them with Wally nursing round the clock the way he is.

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