Monday, March 13, 2017

wonderland meets tomorrowland: part III

Okay so here's how we combined the clothes and organized for two kids. In the closet, which tough luck Wally those floral bins are staying I put out the "outfits" for Wally. You know... onesies and pants. Though while we're home he lives in zip up PJs there are a few "outfits" for when we go out in public. You know, eventually. I think another week and I'll feel comfortable.
The bottom two shelves of this hanging thing has the onesies and pants. The rest are Alice's.
And there's three shirts hanging. I assume I'll use that little plaid shirt for easter.
And hanging here is the Matt collection. Frankenstein jumpsuit, Misfits button-up, Ramones onesie, skull bib, and knitted booties that Matt wore when he was a baby... (Alice did too)
Up here are the shoes that were neutral enough to pass along to Wally.
The castle is one of my prized possessions. It's actually a piece of the old Disneyland parking flags. We've been Disneyland people forever but now that one of our kids is named after Walt Disney it makes this little piece of Disneyland even more special.
This bottom shelf used to have overflow books but now it just houses the many diapers and wipes for two kids. Alice is showing signs and we're trying to introduce the idea of pee-pee poo-poo potty. She has a little potty she likes to sit in and flush and we read an Elmo potty book.
Wally doesn't care about toys right now but here's basket #2 of baby toys. And that's it. Only two baby toy baskets I'm drawing the line!
We've got bags for her and bags for him and bibs and hats. The little red one was also Matt's when he was a baby. Thank goodness Jill hung onto some of Matt's baby stuff, so special.
The top of their dresser is a huge jumble of baby and kid paraphernalia and if there's a hero in this situation it's the Ikea drawer dividers that I literally use everywhere in our house. Even the kitchen. Obviously you can see we have diapers for the nougat and for the new one. One trick I've learned when storing things this way is that I p-touch what the items are on the lid to help us locate things easily when we're delirious or for when sitters come over.
Yeah... the Honest company makes astronaut diapers and lookit how tiny newborn diapers are!

The bottom drawer holds their PJs and socks and Wally's baby hats.
I just love seeing their clothes together. My girl's side.
My boy's side.
Not pictured 'cause it's gonna take too long to accomplish it: under each of their beds in underbed storage boxes is their next size up clothing and bedding for Alice's bed. And the bottom drawer of the bookcase has baby blankets, crib sheets, muslin blankets, and changing pad liners & covers.

Kids come with so much stuff!!!

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