Tuesday, March 14, 2017

wonderland meets tomorrowland: part IV

Here's some bonus pics of the kids' room since I have my sister's fancy camera.
Okay so here's where the glider ended up which was a great spot, it's all nestled in the corner. The one thing that was problematic was that I like to have a nightlight here for when I read to Alice before bed but there wasn't an accessible spot to have a lamp sit so... we hung one on the wall instead.
Predictably the lamp is from Ikea. We have the identical table lamp version in our bedroom and I'm a big fan. They're really pretty lamps. They even have the cord wrapped in b&w. Mari, the only one in our family with legit artistic ability, made the one for Alice and made this Buzz one for the boy. We called him Buzz in utero but now that he's out, we've been calling him Wally.
Such a colorful bookshelf of things.
We're trying to get Alice to be into the Wall-E movie so she can pronounce her bro's name. So far it's working... kinda. She just refers to it as wobot moonie (robot movie).
This shuttle caused me to go into labor. Or at least visiting the place where we bought this plush shuttle will forever remind us of the fact that he was early thanks to NASA.
Space guys.
Everyone that comes to visit and see their room always talks about the adorable bed. I agree.
And I just love this shelf thing.
Crap I still haven't bought those initial hooks.
I love how the room turned out. Even if I'd tried harder to design it it still wouldn't have turned out as good as me just winging it with zero time. Sometimes inspiration strikes under pressure.

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