Saturday, April 29, 2017

virginia lee plank 1929-2017

Last month Matt's grandma was hospitalized with pneumonia (amongst other things). When she was discharged we went to visit her so she could meet Wally. We saw her on Easter and she seemed like she was doing good, we had normal conversations, she seemed fine. But unfortunately four days later, her heart gave out and she passed away at home.
It's hit the whole family and particularly Matt pretty hard. She was 87 years old but you still just assume people will be with you for awhile. She was the grandparent Matt saw the most, for all holidays, and even lived with her for awhile after college. Just on Easter she remembered that he likes apple juice and brought some for him. I've only known her for 9, almost 10 years but she was a big part of my life and an important member of our family and we will miss her very much.

Matt's mom Jill asked me to help make a program for the service and I was happy to be able to contribute something. Here is the link to it on dropbox. Check out her bio, she lived a good life.

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