Friday, January 15, 2010

birthday wishlist

Next month, it's my birthday.

It's my birthday it's my birthday.

And I love presents. NICE PRESENTS!

(the above is from one of the greatest sketches of all time on SNL that I cannot find online)

Thought I'd make a wishlist cause well, I can just buy myself whatever I want so it's more of a shopping list.

Gia the skinny Italian cook chick has a line of stuff at Target. I was considering purchasing some Al Clad pots but these are cheaper and they're a whole set:

The knives I got at Ikea, SUCK. I need good ones:
And then Target went and did something so just, vicious to me. They brought out a line of stuff that's all YELLOW. So I kind of want the pitcher and the utensil holder.

 And since I loved seeing this table set up with placemats and chargers for the holiday, I also want their line of yellow placemats for $1.99 x 4.
Speaking of gifts, I get a special gift in addition to giving this one TO SOMEONE ELSE below (that's the soothe and glow seahorse that I found in Target that every mommy swears by):

My baby sister is making me a tia. She is having a baby girl due around my birthday. Hopefully she won't be born on my actual birthday cause I'm greedy but being close in birthdays will be fun. February people have always been awesome in my experience.

I am already an "aunt" from Matt's sister but now I'll be a "tia" officially. In our family, we have a tradition that the children of our cousins call us "tia" which is so cute.

Then in June I get another niece or nephew (my other sister). And in August (from Matt's sister). A third. Can you believe it? THREE BABIES. Thanks for getting my mom off my back with grandbaby requests girls, appreciate it.

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