Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love my office.

I LOVE my office. I have wanted an office since well, since forever. I try to set foot in it every morning before work just cause it's so pretty. When we decided we were gonna make a room into an office, I imagined it like this:

 It looks like this now:

Pretty close. I know you don't care but I feel compelled to explain the reasons for everything in the room so you can see my thought process in planning the room. It's four parts. Sleeping. Lounging. Desk. Cabinet/Closet/Storage.

Number 1): The couch/sleeping. Not just for people to sit there in my office when I was working but also because it turns into a bed and the options to sleep more people in a house is a very important quality for a Mexican family. Or any family.

 Number 2): The side tables and coffee table/lounging. To further add to the idea that it's a mini living room upstairs, it was important to have a "coffee" table and side tables. I do sit there when I am watching Sex & the City/Mad Men episodes on my laptop. I pretend it's another living room and set up my laptop on the desk and use my laptop's remote just like I would if I was watching TV downstairs. It makes me happy having an extra place to chill.

Number 3) The desk. I wanted that Parsons West Elm desk since I done laid eyes on it. It will probably be with me until my cats, dogs, nieces, nephews, and children ruin it when it will be replaced by another desk exactly like it. I love it. I wanted it to be spare & clean like it is now with pretty things around it and on it and a drawer with beautiful stationery and basic supplies. Nothing under it but a wastebasket and the lamp and laptop cables. And when I am writing notes, I love that I can spread out and write and stare out the window.

When the laptop is there, I can plug it into my funky giant earbud speakers and listen to tunes while blogging, browsing, and sometimes, yes, actually working.

The shelves are an extension of the desk. They do serve some utility in holding the shelter magazines but they're really more of a gallery display where I rotate things on there. I think I rotate things on there like every other month.

Number 4) The cabinet/closet/storage. I hate seeing printers. They're ugly mo-fos. I did not want the ugly but useful device cluttering my pretty desk. So I hid it away in this beast that is one of the more brilliantly designed items by Ikea.
The sucky thing about this situation is that I have to run a cable from the cabinet to the printer and create a mini hazard when I need to print things. It's only mildly sucky, having the printer hidden away is worth it for me. The bottom drawer is made for hanging files. GENIUS. Thanks Ikea.

The closet is a beast. It's 6' long and 10' high and packed to the gills with stuff. I was happy to be able to hang onto the two bookcases we had prior and use them in here to house the many many supplies I own. And when the doors are closed, no one would know how much stuff is in the room.
That's my place. Changes are still eminent of course. Starting with that couch cover.

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